Ignite your rocket and join the bossiest web3 community

Screw the Moon, Elon’s taking Us to Mars

Finally, Elon gets on board with a meme coin that has actual utility– staking, P2E game, Launchpad, NFT Marketplace, and NFTs without the gas fees (well almost).

BOOM - NFTs are coming to Marvin

Get ready for the long awaited and hyped launch of the bossy 2D Marvin NFT collection.

These 3333 exclusive Marvin NFTs will be divided in three collections including Genesis, and will be playable characters in our upcoming Play 2 Earn game.


More than just a Meme Token

Marvin is here to stay, not only as a tribute to Elon’s dog, but to bring you a full suite of treats, including his Launchpad, BSC Bridge, NFT’s and NFT Marketplace

Tax 3% buy 3% sell
3% marketing

More then
just a Token

P2E Game

We've developed a customizable P2E game to act as the main gateway to introduce our NFT collection into the GameFi verse of Marvin Inu. Characters will be on unique and fun NFT collectibles and featured in the metaverse. Maybe you'll even meet Elon there..

BSC Bridge

The Marvinauts army will be invading the BSC network with our BSC Bridge, increasing our reach far beyond the Ethereum network. The reduced gas fees will give even more people the chance to join the Marvinauts army with smaller investments. This will also function as a key role in staking.


We won't get to Mars overnight, so put your investment into cryosleep and let it earn a high APY% with Marvin's community focused staking. Users will have the option of being rewarded in tokens other than Marvin for greater flexibility and opportunity.


Marvin Inu aims to create a platform for Safu investments for its holders. Marvin certified projects will be able to raise funds through sales on our Platform and accelerate their projects overall progress. Projects will be launched through our platform on a condition of dedicating some % of tax to Marvin's liquidity pool.


Our first collecting of NFTs will be 2D characters to form the base of our P2E game. Our second collection will be integrated directly into the game as useable player battle sets. Get ready to play with Marvin in the metaverse.


Feature or trade your NFTs in our P2E game with our fun web3 solution. You'll also be able to trade other meme coin NFTs on our marketplace.

Phase 1: The beginning

  • Contract Development
  • Community Growth
  • AMA’s And Global Exposure
  • Lunarcrush listing
  • Stocktwits listing
  • Setting up 100 Shillers
  • Facebook & TikTok compaign
  • 5000 Community Members
  • 1000 Marvin Hodlers

Phase 2: Growth

  • Influencer & Dextools Marketing
  • Coingecko Listing
  • Coinmarketcap Listing
  • CRO & Poocoin Trending
  • Trust Wallet Integration
  • 5000 Marvin Hodlers
  • Third Party Audit by CTK
  • Marvin Discord Setup

Phase 3: Launching

  • Website 2.0
  • Launch On MultiSwap Bridge
  • NFT Collaborations
  • NFT Marketing Campaign
  • 2D Marvin NFT Release
  • Bitmart Exchange Listing
  • P2E Development & Showcase
  • 10000 Marvin Hodlers

Phase 4: Ignition

  • Official Marvin Merchandise
  • Twitch & International Marketing
  • 25000 Marvin Hodlers
  • Official Marvin Decentralised Exchange
  • Large Influencer Parternships & AMA’s
  • Marvin Launchpad

Phase 5: Mars

  • Binance Listing
  • Rewards For Hodlers
  • International Marketing 2.0
  • 3D NFT Release
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Marvin GameFi
  • 100000 Hodlers
  • Top 20 Crypto Ecosystems

Meet the team

Multi talented creative digital artist, specialized in turning projects into high end brands. 12 years of experience in web design, online marketing and running multiple successful ecommerce stores. Owns the magical formula to transform pixels into virtual fire.

Sent from the future to build a spaceship that will take all Marvinauts safely to Mars. He is the design genius behind Marvin and responsible for web and graphics that make people drool. After 12 years of growing his own E-commerce stores, KiKai broke into the Crypto world working on several successful projects before Marvin. Sit back and relax because KiKai will keep you entertained and dazzled during our trip to Mars.
Zeus is a real degen legend. One of the masterminds, founders and the lead developer of Marvin.

This mysterious contract developer from Mars has already proven that he should not be underestimated. Humans might not know his true identity, but his work speaks for itself. He creates outstanding projects that the world will remember forever.
Jack has quickly blown up in the crypto world becoming a Shibian and Viking early, it’s pretty clear he has a talent for spotting winners. He’s the visionary behind Marvin and has assembled a seasoned and talented team to keep his winning streak going. Smart money keeps a close eye on what Jack is doing and pays attention when he speaks.
Hizuno is the community wizard with a unique ability to band together complete strangers for the greater good. He’s an expert and growing strong international communities that turn into hodlers that send projects out of this galaxy. Within Marvin he organizes and grows effective shillers and campaigns to keep spreading our mission to Mars beyond what anyone else has done.
For over 8yrs Mula has been managing the marketing and operations side of corporations. He assisted many starting and multi million dollar projects to reach their destination with a smile. This donkey definitely didn’t come out of nowhere. This Crypto OG worked on many projects before Kikai showed him planet mars and taught him everything necessary. Mula manages the social Milky-Way while delivering outer space content to mankind like never seen before.
Frank has been in the game for 10 years getting his start in the corporate world working with $10m+ businesses. He moved into the online world early and has worked with clients in dozens of different industries helping their businesses explode through compelling messages and media buying wizardry
Queen Monique
Queen Monique
Beauty, brain, action!

Monique is the queen of marketing for a reason, and is well known throughout the crypto space. This lovely but feisty lady is sweet, but definetly nothing to play with.

Years of hard work and dedication earned her the respect and reputation to be among the top crypto marketing strategists of today, with her mind blowing contacts that reach way beyond this galaxy.

You know they say behind every succesfull man, is a woman right?
Digital and graphic artist.

Eat, sleep, run, repeat.

This devoted and disciplined runner literally only knows how to RUN.

Legends say he started running over 9821 years ago and he still running.

Forest, is that you?

How to buy Marvin


Create a wallet

Create a metamask or trust wallet using your desktop or mobile device. Your new wallet will allow you to buy, sell, or receive Marvin.


Send ETH/BNB to your Wallet

You can buy ETH/BNB on any exchange that trade cryptocurrency like binance, coinbase, etc. After purchase transfer your ETH/BNB to your wallet.


Connect Wallet to Swap

If you wanna buy with ETH go to uniswap.org or if you wanna buy with BNB go to pancakeswap.org and click on “Connect Wallet”. Select Marvin by using our ContractAdress.


Swap ETH/BNB for Marvin

You can now swap your ETH/BNB for Marvin on Uniswap/Pancakeswap. Your new Marvin will automatically end up safely in your Wallet.